Pruning Time gardening

Pruning time project started, with a group of adults with learning disabilities, restoring and refurbishing a garden on the Brogdale Farm site. and now helps the community with their gardening.

The garden had been a “Chelsea Garden” gold medal winner. It had been transplanted at Brogdale farm and then sadly forgotten.  This ‘lost treasure’ had been designed as an edible garden and the guys worked hard to restore it to its former glory.

The Grow garden centre was impressed and offered further projects needing help.  All went very well.  Word spread.  The guys then form part of Optivo grounds maintenance service engaging in work in their community housing.  The team clears gardens, prunes, plants and builds.

The success of the gardening service in the community with Optivo has lead us to form other partnerships in the community and we are now able to deliver our gardening to Sittingbourne, Faversham, Canterbury, Whistable and Herne Bay.  We are able to undertake the routine jobs that may be to time consuming to you such as weeding, pruning, grass cutting and we can also give a quote for more bespoke larger jobs.
In the winter we can still work carrying out other jobs such as putting up fencing and garden sheds and looking at your DIY needs.  Our service starts at £15 an hour so what’s not to love.

If you are interested in letting us do your garden please don’t hesitate to call our Gardener on 07539051233 or email and find out more about our grate service.

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