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Muddy Puddles Club!

Join Denise at Muddy Wellies Farm, 3.5 acres where the young people will never be bored! At Muddy Wellies you can help with gardening, feeding, petting, maybe even collecting eggs from our chickens and ducks. Most importantly we will also make sure we get together to play some games, learning to work together as a team!

There is so much to enjoy at Muddy Puddles!  Whether it is preparing the poly-tunnels for seeds or producing crops (which are sold at our Food With Friends café); creating a woodland walkway or checking the nature pond there is always something to enjoy!

At our nature pond, you can keep an eye on all the newts, frogs and other pond life! You will always be learning and growing your skills because there are so many things to try out! With so much fun to be had, don’t forget to bring your wellies!!

Last year Muddy Wellies were very successful with growing good crops of onions, courgettes, squashes and many more.  This year they are looking to produce a wider range of garden products.

The club is run by Denise and cost £3 per session. It is available to all young people and disability friendly.

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Muddy Wellies Community Farm,

Hythe Road.

Smeeth TN25 6ST

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