Hello George – we adopted a donkey!

We adopted a donkey

It’s official! Stourside Farm adopted a donkey…. say hello to George!

As part of our Student Voice program at Craftworks College our students were asked, through surveys, emails, and face-to-face discussions; what they would like to be different about the college.

One idea stood out to our Personal Development team… some students at Stourside Farm had asked if they could have a donkey!

We thought long and hard about this! It wouldn’t be possible, we don’t have the space but was there something else we could offer? So we went to meet with them.

and we came up with a plan

We told them about Donkey Sanctuaries, why they exist, and what they do. They read up on it and felt that they understood the donkey’s stories and so looked up if we had anywhere local that offered donkey adoption.

We found Kent Life! A place that our students know and love. Then we found George!

Our students then worked with our Personal Development team to develop a fundraiser, asking Craftworks Tutors and TAs to take part in leg waxing, hair dyeing, and sponge throwing!

It was a brilliant way to end the term, and what’s even more exciting is we raised well over the amount needed to pay for our sponsorship! We can’t wait to get an opportunity to meet George!

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