Confidence Boost at GTBM

Good To Be Me is about empowering young people in discovering what is good about being them. It promotes the development of positive emotional health, confidence, and wellbeing through practical activities, creativity, life skills, team building, social skills, relationship building, and mentoring!

Hitting the Target

One of our young people has grown in confidence hugely over the last few months. He is now having a very positive impact on the life of another young person at one of our GTBM sessions. His maturity is helping guide a more vulnerable friend away from potentially detrimental situations. Our other student says “I really look up to him, he always speaks so much sense and it makes me think – what would ‘he’ do?” 

Further to this, I can see he is very well respected by older students who are on-site at the same time, and this is also allowing him to grow as a person.

He is at the beginning of a journey to turn his life around, but he now has a plan and the confidence to start. 

Upcycling a bike

Keep on Moving

Another young person has been attending Stourside Farm in preparation for joining as a Craftworks learner next year. He loves the site and the animals and says he would come every day if he could. He checks on all the animals every week and has said he cannot wait to start college there next year.

Good To Be Me, Groups

Our GTMB project also can support groups of young people from local schools. We currently are working with a group of Year 10 girls, encouraging their creativity, and hobbies and building their confidence to re-engage them with education.

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