Amazing Assessments

Over February Craftworks College has been delivering it’s assessment weeks!

When the assessment process began and students were asked whether they would like to or did they think they were ready, to take on the task. This was the face that we were given by a large number of our learners.

We received a few definite no’s, some “I don’t think so”, and others who said “I’m not good at assessments”.

But………with great coaching and positive energy from all staff we managed to turn this genuine fear into a collective,

“Ok I’ll give it a go and see the outcome.”

The outcomes have been amazing and the results have been remarkable. Some of our learners have achieved their 1st ever qualifications, giving renewed confidence that learning and assessments are not so bad after all. I have even been excited by the responses of some of those that did not take the assessments, asking, “Can I do them next time.” 

This is a credit to all students and staff, we all had a role to play and I feel that we all took responsibility and made it happen. Well done!
😄 🧐 😀🧐 😁 🧐 😀

This blog was written by Tim P who is one of our Craftworks Maths & English Tutors!

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