Remembrance Garden

Our Level 2 Horticulture students have completed a complicated build of a remembrance memorial border at the Brogdale Farm site. This was then adorned with wooden poppies made by our Learnabout participants for a really impressive design. It was finished ready for the 11th of November, and the students wrote up their experience as part of their English work with Tutor Alex.

The following are written by our students and taken as extracts from their English work

“We were instructed by Gary to make a remembrance day border to have ready for the 11th of November. Remembrance day is important as it signifies the end of the First World War and is a way to pay respect to and remember the fallen soldiers of war. It was Gary’s idea to make the border and he told us what the border should look like and gave us all tasks to complete and we mostly used materials we had on the site at the time.” – JH

see a video of the Remebrance Garden here

“As a group, we all took initiative in separate tasks to ultimately make the memorial as shown. While a pair scaled and cut out the six foot fallen soldier silhouette on plywood using a jigsaw, another group hand painted pre cut sleepers in black and attached barbed wire – along with corrugated steel with the words “lest we forget ”, sandbag wall, hand painted poppies, the net and plants by the border”. – MF

“The reason why we chose sandbags was because they remind you of the WW1 trenches and they are designed to be bullet proof. Firstly, J & H de-turfed the area of where the garden was going. Then we got two big rocks to have on the corners at the front of the garden. M drew the soldier outline on a piece of plywood and then cut it out by using a jigsaw. J & R with the help of Gary made the cross with the use of barbed wire to decorate it. We filled up sandbags to outline the garden which resembled the trenches of WW1. We attached poppies to the fence surrounding the garden. The poppy is a symbol to remember those that have died on the battlefield, which was 104 years old today.” – HS

What a beautiful memorial they have made

Lest we forget

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