Inspiring Minds

Inspiring Minds at Muddies

The new Craftworks Creative Course at Muddy Wellies is producing inspiring results with new tutor Ani.

Site lead Liz was amazed when a student came to find her to show his amazing working model for the soapbox challenge project. Then another student decided to jazz up the new cabin room as a surprise to make it a more fun working space. Paper flowers and leaves were made and turned into a garland for a big reveal! What a beautiful difference!

Afterwards that creative young lady went on to create a student suggestion box for everyone: a great idea and a lovely way to get our students to share their thoughts and ideas. I’m sure it will be used. A great week at Muddy Wellies look out for news on Scarecrow making by the horticulture students too!

Inspiring Design!

All the Creative Crafts groups were given a challenge at the beginning of Term 1: to create a team soap box car. The Walled Garden even had a visit from a special visitor named Adam who came to speak about his experience with designing and racing soap box cars in the Red Bull Challenge.

He then took the time to help the students to start creating their soap box cars that they have been planning all term. He showed them his 3D software and how to see what they created in VR!

Inspiring Minds with Nature

To celebrate the last day of term for Creative Crafts at the Walled Garden. The students drew pictures of leaves, created animals, and made some beautiful crafts out of the fallen leaves outside, with unbe-leaf-able results!

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