Pigs: These little pigs went to Stourside!

The Animals Came in Two by Two

It has been wonderful to see that our Stourside Site has been growing fast! Not only in student confidence and knowledge but also with the animals themselves! Animal Care is not only great for our student’s well-being and future prospects but also we love that we are doing our little bit to give back to the world with our care. Let us introduce new arrivals (most in pairs!) of Pigs, Guinea Pigs, and Lambs!

Winston and Churchill

Welcome to our Pigs

We are pleased to introduce you to Winston & Churchill, our new Pigs at Stourside Farm. Our students are loving getting to know them and learning how to look after them. Thank you so much to Gary & A for bringing them safely to us!

Three Little Guinea Pigs

Now for a different kind of pig – these pigs came as a three! Our students are delighted to be looking after Guinea Pigs: Olive, Biscoff & Twilight. Thank you so much to TA Sarah for introducing them to our farm and sourcing a hutch and run – we love caring for them.

Loving our Lambs

You know Spring has sprung when the lambs come to stay! Having had a couple of visits, TA Sarah took time out on Saturday to come and bring the lambs to Stourside. We’ve got a Ewe (female) lamb and a Whether (castrated male) lamb.

We would like to take the time to thank Sarah and her mum for loaning us the lambs and we all can’t wait to work with them. You can meet them in the video below

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