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Futures… do you remember dreaming about yours? What was it you wanted to become when you were a child? I wonder how close you are to that now.

Many of us feel uncertain about our future, especially young people. The world of careers has never been big and currently, it is a job hunters market; but that can be equally overwhelming.

At Craftworks College we are passionate about progressing our students into the world of work, showing them the options available, exploring their passions, and building their confidence.

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As part of National Careers Week, the Minister of State for Higher and Further Education has written a letter containing information for parents and students on education, training, and work choices. You can download this below

Some of the useful resources recommended in the letter are:

  • You can get tips on how to have a career conversation with your child on the Talking Futures website. It is designed to give you the information you need to have informed conversations with your child about what they want to do in the future.
  • All the different training pathways are set out on the ‘Get The Jump’ Skills for Life section of the National Careers Service website, which has been designed for young people to help them work out their next move. This has information about all the different education and training pathways and shows how they compare and where they can lead to.
  • You can also see over 800 job profiles on the National Careers Service website, with important information on things like salary levels, typical responsibilities, and the best route into each job or career.
  • Every school and college has a Careers Leader who will be able to support the conversations you are having with your child.

(these are taken directly from the letter)

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