Picture This!

Amazing Art Opportunities

During February, both our Creative Craft groups experienced wonderful opportunities to have their work shown in public!

Picture This

The Walled Garden students were invited onto a field trip to visit the Anthony Saward Picture Framers Gallery in Maidstone. Our Students were able to help and advise individual pieces of artwork, as well as create an exhibition point of sale for their own work!

Tutor Cathy was so proud of the students and was looking forward to telling some of the students about how there had already been some sales of their work! Hanging your artwork can be very daunting, but they all did really really well. What a great way to open up the world of art opportunities to our students – Congratulations Team Garden!

Tag Team

Over at The Mill, we had a rather more urban experience. A professional artist known as shade2_uk worked with our students on creating some new artwork at our Skatepark. Walk around to the back of the building and you will see some of their work!

Our students were also able to design a piece to keep or take home, practicing letters by making a design using the first letter of their name. Shades showed them how to create it and then helped them make it their own.

We asked the students how they found it and they said “Good, I liked it.”
“He’s mad good at art!” We are glad they had an enjoyable time and are looking forward to seeing how this influences their art.

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