Lambs, Moles & Goats

A Mole in our college

This week we have had some very special visitors on our Ashford college site! Keep reading to find out who they were!

“I beg your pardon,” said the Mole, pulling himself together with an effort. “You must think me very rude; but all this is so new to me”

Craftworks Horticulture students at Muddy Wellies Farm had an unexpected visitor to class this week when an eagle-eyed student spotted movement in the field’s long grass. It was a mole! With a tutor trained in wildlife handling as well as horticulture, this was an opportunity not to be missed! Tutor Liz demonstrated correct handling of small mammals, as they have very sharp teeth, enabling a rare chance for the class to have a closer look. A student then researched if it was a juvenile or an adult and what care it may need. It was discovered to be an adult, it could be given fresh worms and would then be best left alone in the grass. He then returned to the mole, with a worm feast from the manure heap which was snaffled up very quickly. The happy mole carried on with its day alone and everyone went home with a tale to tell, thanks to a very obliging mole

Bottle Feeding Lambs

Sarah our amazing TA at Stourside was busy during half term lambing, she’s been helping ewes to give birth and not had a lot of sleep. This week she decided to bring 2 young tame lambs in for the students to bottle feed. She showed the learners what to do, and got the learners used to the fact that soon, we will be getting some older lambs. These lambs are currently being fed 4 times a day. As a joke, we named these two ewe lambs (females) Sarah and Simone. Honestly, they really cheered up my morning! – Simone

How wonderful! We decided to ask our students what they thought!

AM said she had never been that close to a lamb before
GB said they are cute and enjoyed bottle-feeding
GD enjoyed feeding the lambs with milk, I’ve never held a lamb before and it was a really enjoyable experience
JR said he really enjoyed the experience

SBM said his dream came true to feed lambs and see them
SB it was weird as they suck really hard but it was cool
AP said it was good it made me feel happy

Lifting Goats

Speaking of happiness at Stourside – just before half term our students were also involved with creating a platform for the goats using recycled materials. This was part of one of their Animal Care units and as you can see they did a great job and the goats loved it!

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