Lights Camera Action!

Lights, Camera, Action!

Something exciting has been taking place with the young people on our WINGS project!

Our youth service VIBE is working on developing a Peer Support Scheme for Autistic young people. Those involved with WINGS are developing their skills to become Peer Supporters to other young people.

Finding Your Wings

One way that our WINGS students are going to support others is by creating a series of video tutorials, teaching others an independent living skill that they have themselves mastered. Alongside this they are increasing their understanding of listening, giving advice and safeguarding.

We are excited to see the ideas for video content that the WINGS students are coming up with. We are currently creating videos on

  • Reading a bus timetable (and taking the bus)
  • Buying groceries
  • Cooking a meal
  • Getting work experience
  • Working as a team

As well as coming up with the initial idea, the young people are creating storyboards and even getting behind the camera as well as in front of it! We are looking forward to seeing how this develops! Lights Camera Action…. who knows, maybe Hollywood will come calling!!

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