Brogdale Bakers

Introducing the Brogdale Bakers

This week we want to celebrate our amazing two bakers (students!) who are on our Food & Cookery Course at Craftworks College.

Our Food and Cookery Course takes place in the BCIC Cafe, ‘Food with Friends’. The cafe is situated at the top of the Gateway Plus Centre in Ashford and is a great place for a cuppa, an affordable lunch, or a friendly smile! The course is an NCFE qualification in Food & Cookery and we’ve loved seeing how our students rise to the tasks set by the curriculum.

Being in a working environment, our students get the amazing experience of learning how their course can be applied in real-time! The students don’t only learn the food and cookery techniques but also the presentation and serving of meals and even get a chance to interact with customers.

One regular customer for the students is their Tutor Debbie, who gets to sample their cuisine – some people get all the luck!! — Ed.

Debbie has been able to sample our Brogdale Bakers culinary results and is always looking for ways to encourage our bakers and help them learn new facts about what they are cooking. For example on Cookie baking day, Debbie taught the students that saying “voila!” on serving a meal meant “here it is” in French – they even tried out a Parisian accent!

Raising a new generation of bakers!

We are excited to say, that after a very long time, Cooking Up Ideas Ashford is returning to the Cafe. This is a club for young people ages 8+ with additional needs and is a great place to learn all about food & nutrition (while getting to have fun and eat together too! Contact for more information.

Back to the Bakers!

To celebrate Guy Fawkes this month our bakers created a fire-cracker of a menu! Working with Debbie they made a shopping list, shopped, checked our change, peeled, chopped and cooked….and then savoured Bangers & Mash & Firework Cookies! This week they kept the wintery theme and produced a mouth-watering Beef Chilli! They also made these Cookies & Cheese Straws – practice perhaps for Christmas Party snacks!

We are always so impressed (if not a little hungry!) by the work Debbie sends from the students and she speaks so highly of their learning & character. We look forward to seeing what they make next – and request that some are sent our way too!!

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