Celebrating Our Students

This term we’ve been celebrating the work that our students have accomplished! We are very proud of all they do, so proud that we will be announcing a special project soon that will be sure to WOW you!

Super Stourside

Over at Stourside, we have been replacing the goat hut floor! The students worked really efficiently together and we now have a great new space for the goats. Three of our students also received Practical Farm Animal Care Skills. A received an Entry Level 3 certificate. A engaged so well throughout, the description used to answer questions was fantastic. As a young person who started with us with a lack of confidence, turning into a confident student, working with all the animals.

J completed Entry Level 2. J started off as a learner who was quiet and would just get on with work, over the last year his confidence has been grown daily. He is willing to partake in group discussions, he tries to answer everything to the best of his ability and takes feedback and works with it. He has taken an interest in working with peers doing speaking and listening activities, explaining how we feed and water the animals and what we do in the morning.

C also completed Entry Level 3. Even though we’ve had a lockdown he completed this course. His confidence grows every day and some work produced was fantastic, and really in-depth. C enjoys researching about the animals and gaining more knowledge via the internet and articles that I send to do with worksheets.

Fabulous Firework Food!

The Food & Cookery students at Food with Friends Cafe have been cooking up some firework-themed food! Tutor Debbie,

Willoway Remembers

Yesterday our students observed the minute silence to remember the fallen as part of Remembrance Day. Here are our students and staff at Willowway taking part.

Celebrating Creativity

We love the creativity at The Mill. Our students have each had the chance to decorate their own desk making it personal to them!

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