Pumpkin Patch!

We’re Pump’kin’ed up!

Great News from Liz F this week – The Muddy Wellies pumpkin harvest is in!  These amazing pumpkins have been skillfully grown from seed by our students. They look great! Even better news – you can come and pick the ones you would like to take home!

Pumpkin Picking!

https://www.facebook.com/events/1424196137965990 You can catch up with the latest news on our pumpkin picking over on facebook!.

Saturday 23rd October, 10am-1pm

Come and join us at Muddy Wellies to see our harvest and buy your pumpkins. Teas, cakes, and other college produce will also be on sale.   

Further sales will be (subject to availability) 25th to 29th October 3.30-5pm Free parking available

Pumpkin Photos

Talking of Pumpkins, how wonderful is this photo by one of our Willowway Students!

Muddy Day Trip

Our excellent Muddy Wellies Pumpkin Growers (also known as horticulture students!) took a group trip out from Muddy Wellies to our lovely neighbours Lind and John’s garden. The Horticulture group fed the fish and importantly watered a few trays of plants in the greenhouse as mostly they had enough water. Goes to show the students are volunteering their skills to help out our neighbours and enjoy the delights the amazing garden has to offer! Yesterday was a bright, sunny morning and the bumblebees were taking advantage too. Liz F has her spotter chart and hopefully can ID the bees.

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