VIBE – Seeing Youth Thrive

Have you heard about Vibe Community Ltd (soon to be VIBE Community Charity?)

VIBE (for short!) is the new name for all the Youth work in the Brogdale CIC group. Currently, we manage the KCC commissioned work of Swale Youth Consortia and we also have a few VIBE exclusive projects. VIBE is community-led and youth-inspired work.

VIBE Youth Clubs

One of the main projects under VIBE is setting up and sustaining youth work in and around Swale and Ashford. Part of this is through managing Swale Youth but we also run a couple of VIBE exclusive clubs. Our Ashford clubs have not restarted this term but we are looking to get them up and running again as soon as we can! One of the things we are passionate about is clubs for young people with learning needs and so we run clubs that are also only for young people with an EHcp.

Our newest youth work project has started up in the villages of Iwade, Newington, and Upchurch. We already offer holiday activities and 8-12 work in Newington but saw a need for more and especially 12+ youth engagement to take place. You can find out more here

VIBE Schools Work

Another place of engagement for VIBE with young people is through our school work. Under Swale Youth we run projects such as Peer Mentoring, Swale Buddies, Swale Boost Awards, Wellbeing Workshops, Lunch Clubs, and Year 6 Transition.

Peer Mentoring Training Activity

VIBE also delivers an outstanding project Good To Be Me for Ashford and Swale Schools. This can be a 1:1 or group project aimed at re-engagement for pupils in Year 5 onwards. Activities are needs-led, based on an initial assessment, and include life skills, motivation/ confidence building support, practical activities such as cooking/ woodwork/ arts and crafts, team building, self-esteem, and awareness. The aim is to provide activities that will bridge the gap back into mainstream education, especially for those who have lost confidence and suffer from anxiety. There is a cost for this project so do get in touch to find out more.

VIBE gets its skates on

As you may have seen in previous posts, our largest project has been to see the creation of The Mill Sittingbourne, a skatepark with a vision to become a community hub area. This summer we held our first annual celebration at the Skatepark and we can’t wait to roll out more projects in the area. Over the last year, our youth team have built up important relationships with the regular users of the skatepark and we look forward to creating even more!

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