Wonderful Walled Garden

Wonderful Opportunity

Over the summer we were given a wonderful opportunity. We were to open up our Walled Garden site to the public as part of Great Big Green Week. The Great Big Green Week took place from the 18th to the 26th of September, with events all across the UK. These events were to celebrate, “how communities are taking action to tackle climate change, protect green spaces, and encourage others to get involved too”.

Our Walled Garden site is a hidden gem, just off of the A2 in Faversham! If you park at the King Georg V Recreation ground (by The Mount) and walk down past the playground to almost opposite the basketball hoop – you will find our Walled Garden entrance. It is a Victorian/Georgian kitchen garden complete with a Georgian Greenhouse Structure

Here at the Brogdale CIC group, we are passionate about the environment! We are always open to and seeking out ways to protect and cultivate natural spaces. Our Walled Garden is a wonderful example of this. Our cabins are solar-powered, and we even have dug a well for our own water supply. The garden itself is used for a number of projects across the BCIC group including Craftworks College, Vibe Community (youth), and our adult day service, Learnabout.

Wonderful Support

Walled Garden Mascot

Thank you so much if you came down to see our Walled Garden. We had a number of new people come and visit the garden on the day, including councilors, photographers, and Faversham locals. Many of the people who visited had never seen behind the gate and were in awe of the space, and want to be part of raising our profile.

Thank you, Maria (BCIC Business) Stacy (Craftworks), and of course our students, for your hard work in making the Walled Garden open day a great success. Maria pulled out all the stops in organising and getting the word out there; Stacy put in extra hours to make the Walled Garden look as stunning as it did!

Wonderful Future

We are hoping that we can stay at the Walled Garden site for many more years, fully restoring it back to its former glory. This includes restoring the Georgian greenhouse, which people were marveling at. You can buy Walled Garden produce from Tiddy Pomme, as well as the items made by our WG Learnabout participants. Our youth club runs at the Walled Garden, 4-5.30pm Thursdays for 8-12 year olds.

We are also taking seed donations from people. Do get in touch if you would like to donate or find out more about our Wonderful Walled Garden.

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