Marie Joins Pruning Time

Pruning Time has some great news to share!

You may remember that we advertised recently for a new gardener to join our Pruning Time Enterprise. Over the last year, Jason has built up so much business for us in the realm of landscaping, that in order to grow our enterprise, we looked for someone who could continue working for our garden maintenance and lawn mowing clients!

Pruning Time Welcomes Marie!

Marie has joined the Brogdale CIC group to take on this important role. This means Pruning Time can not only give more people the chance to have their gardens cared for, but now we can offer students/learners the opportunity for work experience in horticulture with Marie and Construction/landscaping with Jason.

What does work experience with the team look like?  AH (one of our Learnabout Participants) has been part of our Pruning Time team for many years now. Here he is chatting to us about what he has loved about it!

Pay it Forward with Pruning Time

Pruning Time also have introduced a scheme whereby customers who have had landscaping jobs done are asked on their invoice if they would be prepared to pay an optional £20 which goes towards helping an elderly or disabled person afford to have some gardening done.  We have some photos of our first recipient’s garden.  Jason and Marie were able to spend a half day there thanks to our landscaping customers [before and after photos]. Contact to find out more

Pruning Time Gifts

Over the last year, many of us have learnt to appreciate our gardens more. We are open for bookings for general gardening maintenance with Marie, but perhaps if you want something a little more ‘va va voom’, you could talk to Jason about landscaping and builds! Or, would you like to gift someone? We have Pruning Time vouchers which are great gifts for birthdays and anniversaries. You can get these also from

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