Blossoming Brogdale

Blossoming Curriculum

Over the last couple of weeks, something special has been occurring at our Brogdale Farm site. Our 3 students have been starring in our new video series! This will be for internal use only but means all our horticulture lessons can be accessed by the students and they can gain the expertise of our different tutors!

This first set of videos is all about the machinery used for horticulture.

Blossoming Trees

There is however another star of the show. On our Brogdale Farm site, we have worked alongside GROW at Brogdale, and planted some speciality apple and pear trees for them! The blossom is coming out and doesn’t it look wonderful!

Cuttings from these will then be taken by GROW and grafted to produce new trees for sale at the nursery. This shows our students that the work they do at college contributes to the community, giving them a wider understanding of the types of job roles available in horticulture after college.

We are taking applications now for the academic year 2021/22, do get in touch with if you would like to know more about the Brogdale Farm site, or any of our other sites!

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