William tells…

William Tells

Hello, my name is William (this is a pseudonym) and I work at one of the many sites of Brogdale CIC.  I study Horticulture at the Walled Garden and I am working towards a Level 1 Certificate, which is one of many courses on offer.

Welcome to the Walled Garden

My favourite job is pruning because it is a laid back and rewarding task that requires skill, but not strength.  I like to admire the finished product because it looks uniformed.  By giving a shrub a “new haircut”, it gives it the opportunity for new growth and vitality.

One task I don’t really enjoy as much as others is weeding, although it is a very necessary task, it is one that I find laborious.

Overall, Brogdale CIC is the perfect place to study for your future if you are interested in a career in horticulture.  There are also other courses available that could really help you reach your goals if you are especially interested in Animal Care or Creative Crafts. 

William Writes

Functional Skills Tutor Debbie, also worked with William to create an acrostic poem all about Spring. You can read his ode below!

Scurrying clouds chasing across the sky

Puffing clouds like steam from a pie

Rising sunshine hidden on a woodland walk

In the trees the birds do talk

New life hatching behind the scenes

Getting ready to see what they’ve not seen

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