Sowing & Growing

Craftworks Sowing Seeds

We thought we would let two of our horticulture students, takeover this Fridays Craftworks update! They learn at two different sites and these are Brogdale Farm and the Walled Garden. 

“At Brogdale Farm [there is] a commercial nursery called “Grow”, fruit trees and a poly tunnel.  The main job of “Grow” is grafting top fruit.  Top fruit means the fruit has seeds inside or is a stoned fruit.  At “Grow” there are mainly apples and pears, but there are also plums and cherries.  Brogdale Farm is the home of the National Fruit Collection for apples.  Donna is a shared manager of “Grow” and she organises her staff to plant fruit trees in the orchards or people’s gardens.  I have helped Donna “pot on” yearling trees.

At the Walled Garden, we have a Grade 2 listed Greenhouse which is Victorian and we also have a small polycarbonate greenhouse.  In the greenhouse, we are planting vegetables and flowers which will go in our outdoor beds eventually.  This week we have sown onions, carrots and beetroot.  We have dug over the cut flower bed this week and it was hard work because the soil was compacted.  At the Walled Garden, we have two cabins, one is for horticulture and one is for creative craft.

Brogdale [CIC] has been around for 10 years and it is great for families, especially at Christmas and Easter,  but our College is only three years old and we would recommend it to other students because we have small classes and it is very historical.  The staff are very supportive of our well-being and because there are only a few students you get the attention when you are learning.  Teachers are very appreciative of your well-being and I thrive off that.  Our teachers care about us.

I understand my learning because I am in a small class and so you can get along well with other students and teachers.  Staff take their time to help you understand the learning of horticulture.

Brogdale is a jaw dropping place to come and is open to students if they have an interest in horticulture.”  

A Dirty Burger & A Body Image Myth

Our latest youth podcast is out and this month we are talking about Body Image. Sowing positivity into your ears! Listen below or, find us on Spotify.

Sowing Ideas at Learnabout

Learnabout have been busy making beautiful items to go in your garden! These look just as spectacular up close as they do here. They would look great in any garden and serve as a helpful reminder to us that even if we can’t see growth, we can hold on to the knowledge that seeds are germinating under the ground.

Have a great weekend!

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