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This week on our Facebook page, we are having a bit of a student takeover!

Muddy Reviews

My name is J. I am 19 years old and I’m a Muddy Wellies student.

Being in Muddy Wellies is very great because I am working with animals. We have Legbars, Bantam, Turkeys and Ducks. I do their food and water, check for eggs and clean out their coop.

The legbars and bantams are a breed of chicken and we can always tell what type they are if we look closely at it.

Ever since I started Muddy Wellies I was confused at first on what course I was doing but I eventually got used to the involvement and my friends were here for me.

I will look forward to what Muddy Wellies has to offer and I will eventually get better.

Hello, I am a student from Muddy Wellies and I am happy to tell you all about Muddy Wellies College and hope you will come to this College.

All the animals we have are really noisy when they need feeding and I love feeding them because it helps me look after different kinds of animals.

All the animals we have on our farm:

  • 4 legbars chickens
  • 8 bantams chickens
  • 12 ducks
  • 3 turkeys

Work experience

When we have work experience you can choose where you want to do your work experience and what day you want to work. It is my first year here and I have made a lot of effort in my animal care work. I am coming back next year so I can look after all the animals and see everyone and see if my animal care group is doing really well and see if my attendance is really good. Why don’t you come and have a look and see if you like it and if you like it come and join in the fun!

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