Endings: A Vision to End Loneliness

Have you heard about our Dine WIth Friends project that is currently run from our Cafe in Ashford? Food with Friends has always been about connecting people and last year as we went into lockdown, our team started dreaming about how we could serve our local community through this time! Dine with Friends was born, and here we are, with a big dream, but with the right ingredients mixing together, we can help make it happen! Call 01233 640445 or 07903476882 to find out more

Endings: Child Exploitation

Together, we can tackle child exploitation.

March 18th, was Child Exploitation Awareness Day. How can you help end Child Exploitation? Check out Stop CSE.org Campaign. and #HelpingHands to show your support on social media. To upskill your knowledge you could also check out the following pages:

KSCMP – https://www.kscmp.org.uk/guidance/exploitation

NWG – https://www.nwgnetwork.org/

NSPCC – https://www.nspcc.org.uk/

Endings: Craftwork Literary Review

Remember last week we showcased some student work? Well, we got some real-life authors to review the book briefs, and encourage our students!

Re “Trail/River”…
I love the idea of a quest that can result in such extreme possibilities – famous or forgotten, the stakes are high! This concept allows for one’s imagination to fly and I’m intrigued to discover what the various obstacles and opponents turn out to be. This promises a fantastic adventure ahead…
Steve Dunn, author of Raine Faill, Suffragette Sensei, Gold a’locks & the three wares.

Re: Coffee
I love how the beginning is an everyday setting but full of possibility. This could be the start of something beautiful and romantic or the start of an edge-of-your-seat psychological thriller. Is Sarah in danger or simply bored of her current circumstances and looking for something new? I have so many questions! Really excited about what could come next.
Jenni Osborn, author of From Isolation to Community

Re: Annabelle & Chucky
This sounds full of great action and intrigue, the classic battle between good and evil but I love the fact it’s set way in the future and that gives endless possibilities to use your imagination, I can already feel the darkness of the villains and how desperate it all feels, and then the glimmer, mention of a hero… I love a good superhero, cant wait to hear more
Amanda Peddle, author of TAM’S Journey

Endings: Coming out of Lockdown 3

Our Vibe Youth Team have been back out on the streets again to deliver Treat Boxes to Faversham, Rushenden & Teynham! These are to help young people with their well-being as the restrictions on lockdown are lifted. We are also looking for young people who are celebrating their second birthday as we have some great presents to give away!

and finally, our recent Swale Youth Instagram Reel got over 1K views!! We’ve uploaded it below, if you want to watch it and don’t have instagram

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