Friday Treats

Treat Street

Our youth team has been out and about on the streets of Minster, Sheerness, and Faversham over the last two weeks, delivering treat boxes to our four Treat Streets! We also popped in a few birthday gifts for those who were celebrating that week! We have had some lovely feedback from people and are looking forward to finding other ways to spread some joy in these streets and more!

Thank you for our kids loved them ❤
I just received my treat box and I love it so much!! Thank you for putting a bit of both in, it really cheered me up a lot.
Thank you for our treat boxes we all really like them and appreciate that you walked round in the rain to deliver them 😀

A big thank you from _ for his treat box and Birthday gift 

Treat Yourself

On Thursday we uploaded a 5 Minute Tea Break Video on our Instagram & Youtube channel. We had some lovely feedback from one of the KYCC representatives, who shared the video saying “this is uplifting and helpful especially as many of us are starting to see changes in our environment…well done and thank you it was very much needed!

A Treat for Mum

This wonderful painting has been a Learnabout project over the last few weeks! Isn’t it beautiful. A, gave this to their mum who loved it!

Our Café too has been treating Mums across Ashford to an early Mother’s Day Special Afternoon Tea! We hope that Helen & Liz will get to rest up with one too!

Treating the Land

Team Willowway sent us a report this week on the great work the students have put into transforming the land.

“We would like to start by saying a big thank you for all the work that the students have put into transforming the Willowway site. The students have worked very hard. Their task on Monday was to remove the grass and dig over the beds in the growing area. and to wood chip all the paths in there. They have done an amazing job. Thank you and keep up the good work.
Zac, Hannah, and Victoria

Elsewhere at Craftworks College, FS Tutor Debbie has found us some Weather Reporters!

11 March 2021
Today’s weather started off with South East winds which are very cold, it was gusting and blowing a storm. At lunch black clouds gathered and swept over the site then heavy rain and hail hammered down. Then the beaming bright sun came out and illuminated the site with its bold brightness. The clouds have decided to make a reappearance on the site. The clouds are transparent with the sun shining through them, but the grey storm clouds are chasing the lighter ones away.
The Walled Garden Weather Reporters H & R

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