‘Book’ to the future

As part of celebrating World Book Day & National Careers Week we tasked some of our students to come up with a book pitch for the newly opened (but of course very prestigious TK Tales Publishing House. We’ve had some great pitches, it is going to be a hard time picking the first release! Our publishing house has given working titles for “Bulldog” & “Coffee” and are ready for our first meetings with the authors!

In 2079 a group of scientist are working to build new friendly robots that meant to help so many families but it got infected by the evil Annabelle and Chucky virus over night time in Russia that they created a huge robotic army of Annabelle and Chucky that to want to wipe out humanity and try destroy the earth but all ready over 800 million people have lost their lives and the final battle will take place in America whenever humans and earth will be saved or ruled by evil virus but there is a hope as there is  there a superhero called bulldog man with his team of three called Gunman, boatman and Kirkman and they are going to collect to men’s that survived and take them to their underground secret base where the evil virus and armies don’t know about and train them for the war against the final battle with the Annabelle and Chucky virus.

as titled by author

The book that I’m planning to publish is a fighting-fantasy style book based in a fantasy based universe called,  “The Trail to Fortune / The River to Misery”  where you (a traveling merchant), and your ban of companions that you pick up on the journey, travel throughout the world of Terra – venturing in all manner of landscapes to get to your goalsFortunePower and becoming a living Legend. However between you and your ‘Destiny’ are obstacles that you can sometimes avoid, but mostly be forced to face in all shapes and forms. You will either come out as a legend, to be remembered forever, or miserably fail, and be forgotten. Only you can decide. 

It was still foggy in the afternoon and Sarah decided to cheer herself up by going to the café for lunch.  When Sarah walked in the door, there was a queue and she started to talk to the person in front of her.   

The stranger replied “as the café is so busy, shall we share a table?”…

So there you have it, Horror, Fantasy & Romance (or maybe even an adventure!) If you wrote a book, what would your theme be?

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