Raising Aspirations

Career Aspirations

This week at Craftworks College, we have been celebrating National Careers Week! Our students have been thinking about what they would like to progress on to after college and we have had some great ideas from them! Students have been evaluative job roles and considering why they would be suitable for them. They have thought about the hours they would like to work and how they would like their week to look! For one of our students, their dream job is to become a vet!

Publishing Aspirations

March 4th, was also World Book Day! Terry led a great session at Willowway discussing reading and their favourite books. Then the class talked about how to get a novel from an idea to an actual book on someone’s bookshelf. They looked at the different jobs involved and ranked them to decide which would be their favourites. Then, rather than asking them to write a whole story, they wrote an ‘elevator pitch’ for an idea and sent it to Terry by email (who played the role of the publisher they need to win over!).   

Debbie (FS Tutor) was also giving the students a fun writing task… I definitely would want to find out what happens next in this story!

Raising Aspirations

A couple of weeks ago we invited our students to meet our newest team member Lathan, for some extra Maths tuition! We’ve had some great feedback!

Time for a chat!

Have you seen our latest series on Youtube! ‘Time for a Chat’ is a way of getting to know some of our team, projects, and people that are part of BCIC

Meet Simone

LGBT+ Support

Extra support for LGBT+ pupils during lockdown (and beyond)
If LGBT+ youth between 8 & 25 are in need of help and advice during lockdown, they can reach out to The BeYou Project which gives virtual support around exploring identity, coming out and family relationships as well as a virtual safe spaces where LGBT+ young people can be themselves.

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