Jason, we see you!

Jason – A Hardy Annual!

We wanted to highlight Pruning Time gardener, Jason this week. During the last year, where restrictions allowed, he has continually strengthened the business and met our customer’s needs. Although Jason is out and about in the community, perhaps it is not always seen. We see you, Jason & team Pruning Time!

Since the beginning, Jason has brought into Brogdale CIC some great ideas, skills, and practices. Take a look at the slideshow photographs to see his latest project and appreciate for yourself his skills.

Hardy, Muddy, Passionate, & Exceptional

Jason works exceptionally hard in all weathers, I have seen him literally dripping wet, covered in mud, and still working away. He is dedicated and passionate about what he does and extremely focused. – Gary Keep – BCIC Business Lead

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Always Growing

Jason has built strong links with staff and customers alike. He has really built a great rapport with A, our Learnabout participant who works with him.

I liked working with Brogdale CIC as I liked doing gardening work to learn new skills and I liked working with Jason and pruning time team and meet new customers

A, Pruning Time Learnabout Champion!

A – we love having you on our team too!

As a result of the hard work that Jason has put in we are now looking to keep growing this work!

To find out more about Pruning Time, our services, and how we can meet your needs; call our business support admin, Maria on 07903476881

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