Maths: Making You Confident!

Wish maths was as easy as pie? 🥧 If maths feels like a problem, Craftworks has the formula to help you thrive!

How I wish I could Calculate Pi!

We know that for some of our students, functional skills in English and Maths are a challenge. These subjects are not always our students’ favourites as they tend to be more classroom-based and our students can prefer things to be much more practical.

Maths with Lathan

Craftworks College would like all of our students to thrive in all areas of the curriculum so we are in a very fortunate position to be able to offer our students additional maths tuition with our newest team member, Lathan Norton. 

Lathan is ready to help our students become comfortable with maths and increase their confidence.

In the world of work and in further education having your functional skills qualifications makes a difference.  In everyday life being comfortable with maths enables a young person to be much more confident in managing their independence.

There is a limit!

We still have spaces available for our students for these free extra-curricular, 1-2-1 tutorial maths sessions, through distance learning. This is a time-limited offer so interest must be registered asap with

Lathan will be offering these maths sessions, aimed at supporting our students to attain their current maths level and move beyond. This will be extra-curricular so will be outside of the normal college hours and starting at 4pm or 5pm, and will be free.  We will look to roll these out after next week’s half term. 

Let’s make this your winning formula!

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