Bonfires & Beans at Brogdale Farm

Bonfires were lit up in the last few weeks of term as our Brogdale Farm Horticultural Students gave the site it’s winter makeover!

Their first task was to clear the orchard. Once cleared, it all needed to be put together to form a bonfire. Here’s some of what our students had to say about it:

What we had to do, was remove all the cuttings that had been removed from the cherry trees and our best way of removing the cuttings was making a bonfire for the cuttings. There was 12 rows in total and so far we have cleared about 4 to 5 rows onto the bonfire


We were clearing the beds, and cutting the grass around the beds, orchard,  growing area and the banks.We put the path back in to walk round the bank


They couldn’t let a good bonfire go to waste! So Jacket potatoes were packaged up, beans put in a pan, and together, the students cooked lunch!

We also had an opportunity to clear an orchard and we had a November lunch on the fire of jacket potatoes with cheese, beans and salad.

Tutor Gary showing off the finished work – thank you R, T & D you worked very hard!

From Bonfire to Building

One of the activities I enjoyed, we recently put up a new shed at Brogdale farm, This will be the new office for pruning time, and will help to start up new community projects in kent.


We also completed a unit about manual handling. In this unit, I learned how to lift and put down heavy objects properly without hurting myself and we also did unloading and loading in this unit as well. 


In the last few weeks, we have constructed a new shed on the Brogdale site that will be used by the Pruning Time management, I have enjoyed this as this my favorite type of task to complete.


Hedgehog Homes

Lastly, after finding some hedgehogs on our site, we were donated a ‘Hedgehog Home’ by company ENGIE. Here’s the team hard at work constructing it!

That’s not all…

Good to be Me! has also been running from our Brogdale Farm site. The young people from Good to be Me have been busy this term making all sorts of things  – from door plaques, goat feeders, and life-size thrones, to festive Christmas decorations, reindeer, and a sledge! 

Haven’t they done well! We look forward to a new update in the Spring!

Merry Christmas Team BF!

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