What’s On Your Plate?

What began to grow in lockdown

What’s on your plate, grew from an idea that was birthed through our first lockdown experience. Like everyone, our teams learned a lot about going online in the first few days(!!) and how to connect through it.

As part of our staff welfare and connection, we released a weekly podcast: The Brogcast, which explored emotional care, wellbeing, and updated staff on the goings-on of the BCIC world during the first lockdown

now has become real

Having enjoyed the experience we wanted to create a new podcast and our youth worker Lou & new Café tutor Francesca were up for the project. They have joined forces to chat about their passion for mental health, food, and the way they influence each other. This podcast is aimed at teenagers and upwards and over the months they will be sharing some of the ways in which our hosts and others have been influenced when it comes to body image, wellbeing, and nutrition. It’s a fun upbeat half-hour podcast and the first episode is live now!

The Full Brussel Sprout

“Victoria Sponge is Deliciously Plain & Simple” – Francesca

We’ve kept the structure of our podcast fairly simple with an entrée of chatter about what’s on our plate: our food, mood & what we’ve viewed. In this episode, it’s very Christmassy but it could be something we’ve viewed on social media or in the news as well as TV.

“I bought an incredibly large red cabbage” – Louise

We then move on to our main course which for this week was all things Christmas Day.

For some people eating in front of others is difficult” – Lou

We finish up with our dessert asking ‘Is it ok?’. This month’s episode asked about overwhelm, indulgence, Brussel sprouts & other vegetables!

“Comments aren’t helpful, not on the day” – Francesca

Then it’s time to clear the table as we finish up the discussion.

What’s on your plate?

We do hope you will grab yourself a drink & a plate of food join us for ‘What’s on your plate?’ You can access it on any of these links:


Google Podcasts

Radio Public

Pocket Casts

or watch it here

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