Ashford Adventure

Our latest project, connecting the people of Ashford is going on TV!

During the first Lockdown; Dine with Friends was a project that our team began to dream about. As we came into the second half of the year the plan was put into the oven on a slow bake and finally, as November rolled in, we were able to say “It’s ready to be served!”

Ashford Get’s a Hearty Serving!

Dine with Friends is a food delivery & befriending service providing hearty meals, made with love, delivered with care. Meals can be delivered chilled, frozen meals & hot for those who are unable to get out or who prefer to buy in their meals when they choose. If you are self-isolating, working from home, or have little time to cook this is perfect for you!

Connecting Ashford

Friendship is at the heart of our café and so alongside our food delivery service, we offer a phone call or Zoom meeting with our caring catering team. We know that the last year has been one where many have felt disconnected and more lonely than usual. This is why we have this vision to create something that connects people – and what better way than over a meal! Once our café reopens we can organise to meet up with you in person!

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