Good to be ME!

What is GTBM?

GTBM is a project to develop positive emotional health & wellbeing through outdoor (& practical) learning. Originally aimed at young people aged 11-16, but last year we debuted a primary school version which was very successful and now added to our suite of projects!

Good to be me

GTBM benefits

This project is beneficial to any young person who struggles with poor self esteem, is starting to display risk taking behaviours, has poor attendance, isolation or motivation issues. It give space for those needing a boost in their emotional health and wellbeing and in expanding personal opportunities and aspirations.

Through the course we look to grow:

  • Team work skills – listening, helping, communicating, patience, leading, following
  • Team work challenges – Experimentation, resilience, creativity, dealing with failure, imagination
  • Finishing well – motivation, planning, organising, energy, perseverance
  • Survival – teamwork, observation, problem solving, creativity

and much more.

This groups are referred through schools & agencies, and are great for youth who need new and practical to help them focus, improve their attitude and grow confidence.

Through lockdown many young people have felt their life turned upside down. GTBM is one way we can help them find their feet again.

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