Rest for a moment

Finding Rest

What do you do on the days you feel unmotivated, where getting up is a struggle, and focus is blurred?

It can be easy to slide into the escapism of hitting refresh on your emails, swiping the IG just one more time, clicking ‘read more’ on Facebook. Connecting, but not really.

I wonder if on these days, we need to allow the un-motivation room. Allow ourselves to believe we are not being lazy. Push away the guilt that our production is somehow not enough.

Perhaps our bodies, our minds, our souls are trying to get our attention – you more than production! Perhaps ‘the struggle’ really is real. What if the blur is telling you to put down the lens for a moment and rest in a bigger picture.

I’ve been thinking a lot about passion and motivation, energy and drive. It’s led me to wonder if we need to listen more, fill up more, question more. Is answering emails (my go to 9am task) an activity that energises me for the day, or does it just drain me? Are my lists helpful? Am I filling up, before I give out?

That’s how today, in the heat, with a head that is telling me a storm is close and a heart that knows holiday is barely hours away; I’ve closed down the emails, sat outside and written this.

Vibe by Lou

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