Knowledge Growth

I don’t know about you, but I feel a bit overwhelmed by information at the moment. However, I do want to grow my knowledge and application and information and support is so important right now. Learning can also be great for our wellbeing.

Below are 5 different resources we have been sent this week. I would encourage you however to click on the one you are most drawn to right now, and bookmark this page for later, rather than receiving an overwhelm of information!

Knowledge Growth in ADHD

The ADHD Foundation have produced a free to download booklet for children that will be helpful to schools & parents to support neurodiverse learners as preparing to return to school. As you will know many are especially anxious about this. This document looks at a  strength based approach to ‘enabling’ children with ADHD You can download a copy here

Knowledge Growth in Social Graces The Social Graces Practical Tool from BASW is a really useful exercise to use in teams and consider equalities issues. Its starting base is Social Graces which many people will be familiar with from Core Skills.

Knowledge Growth in Autism Awareness

The Know Your Normal campaign aims to reduce the stigma around mental health and create resources for autistic young people to work out and understand what their normal is.

Knowledge Growth in Talking about Racism

In one of our FFriday resources we posted a download from Yoopies. There is now an updated version here

Knowledge Growth in Mental Health Support

“Reintegrating back to school life can be a challenge at any time but that demand is even higher during the current climate of uncertainty and change. Below we have gathered a few ideas and bits of information that should support you, your colleagues so you can support families.” A great resource below from Kelsi.

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