Wimble Fun

As the Duchess says, Wimbledon, will return and it will be worth the wait, but for now, here are 5 ways to enjoy Wimbledon, whilst there is Wimble none.

Wimble Yum

Last week Dee set the Challenge for our Cooking Up Ideas Club to serve up some Wimbledon themed biscuits – and they are so tasty! Check out our youth worker Lou’s video – did she ace it?


Wimble Done

Dee has been experimenting again on mecabricks.com and missed Wimbledon so much, she made her own court!

Wimble Pun

Entertain (or possibly annoy!) your friends and family with some smashing Tennis puns! Here some to get you going….

  • My neighbor hates tennis because he says it makes too much racquet!
  • The girl standing in the center of the tennis court was nicknamed Annette!
  • Never date a tennis player, Love means nothing to them!

Wimble Won

This year why not take home all the trophies and have family vs family tennis matches! Here is a great version of tennis for those who have little space

You could make your own trophies like these from Yellow Tennessee

or why not make a video of you serving the ball and stitch it together with other family members firing the ball back! You could send your tennis ball all around the world, or even make it look like you are playing some of our reigning champions!

Wimble Sun

Perhaps however, you are not bothered by the lack of tennis and are quite happy to enjoy the sunshine next week is meant to offer us. If you are anything like me though, you’ll happily take part in the strawberries and cream side of Wimbledon!

Have a great week and let us know how you decide to celebrate Wimbledon this year!

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