Fab Friday Five

It’s time for our round up of the week. Here are some of the resources we have been loving this week. Time for our Fab Five!

yeah, the sunshine is making us rethink our freezer stock

Feeling Emotional

This week, I’ve had many conversations with people who are saying their emotions have felt more intense than usual. We even wrote a post about it on our Swale Youth website. Here are three great places to find support you or your young person might need. Did you know we also offer 1:1 mentoring for youth for free. email Lou to find out more.

One Space One Space is provided by Shout, The Mix, and Young Minds working in partnership to ensure a simple user journey for young people seeking support for their mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic and its aftermath.

A whole list of support service can be found here

Mentally Healthy Schools Have this free pdf with activities and tools for children and young people to build resilience

Feeling like a new book

The Book ‘Matchmaker’ Uppercaseya is a great place to find Young Adult Fiction ideas. They are helping to amplify Black voices, and to diversify the books that fill our shelves (or kindles). Here are three of the books they recommend for the next couple of months

If you fancy something a bit different, check this out…

Friday Sounds

Did you know we have our own Spotify account. We asked our youth clubs on zoom to make a playlist for us last month! We also have some of our team members recommended songs including Helen’s Happy Songs, Tracy’s Throwback Thursday and Keep on Playing. Come and have a listen (and maybe a little dance!)

Feeling Calm

Finally over on our Swale Youth YouTube Channel, we put together a breathing exercise video. We hope it leaves you feeling calm and relaxed.

That’s all for this week…. now we are off to find some ice lollies!

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