The Gardeners Return!

Yes, it is true – Pruning Time is back in business. Pruning Time is our gardening enterprise led by Jason, a skilled gardener, and groundsman who has lots of experience including landscaping and garden building. He has cultivated a small team of young people & adults with learning disabilities, who now go out into the community offering their services to help local people and communities. They are learning on the job and we are seeing their passion & skills bloom. To get in contact with us, call Jason on 07539 051233

Polite, Friendly & Reliable

We were delighted to receive an email from a new customer this week,=. Only one day in and they were beginning to how their garden will be made manageable again thanks to our teams hard work, and know how!

He’s polite, friendly and has listened to all my questions and given lots of good advice on what’s possible in the garden. The bulk of the work is clearing and cutting back to make everything more manageable.
He worked hard all day and the front garden looks so much better already. So far so good and I’m very happy that he’s someone I’ll be able to use and rely on in the future.

– AM

Take a look at this gardens journey! We would love to talk to you about how we can make your garden beautiful. Call Jason on 07539 051233 for a consultation

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