Five Alive

This week we have Five Ways to spark your motivation again and feel more alive!

Five Alive: Confidence

We have been having a great time meeting with Sunnybank Year 6 pupils on Zoom for the last 3 Tuesday mornings for chats about secondary school. It helps with worries and questions and building young people’s confidence for starting secondary school!

Five Alive: Imagination

What could be more fun, than building a fort? My niece and I built one in her front room (before lockdown) and it took us a good two hours and then we settled in with pizza, popcorn, and the movie ‘Ferdinand’. Ikea have given some fun instructions to inspire forts and your child’s imagination!

Five Alive: Active

We are sure many of you have heard of Couch to 5K and in fact, a number of our staff have taken it up in Lockdown! To find out more and download the app go to NHS C25k. Running releases endorphins and also increases concentrations of norepinephrine, a chemical that helps moderate the brain’s response to stress; making you feel more alive!

Five Alive: Calm

This animation is beautiful and definitely something that could be watched over and over again. It is so calming and vibrant and it would be great to pick up and watch if you feel the need to relax or wind down.

Five Alive: Laughter

We couldn’t go without recommending you try this! You can have a goat join you on your zoom meeting! Laughter is so good for our souls and I’m sure this would be a welcome addition to any family or friend zoom meetup!

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