| Friendship | I wonder how many of us are craving time with our friends, I know I am. Seeing them one or one, or even in small groups is lovely, but not the same as hanging out together, hugging and really being able to invest in them.

This week on our Swale Youth provision we have been thinking about friendships a lot. We even posted a tutorial on how to make friendship bracelets. These are two really simple way to make friendship bracelets. They serve as a good time filler as well as (from accounts from teenagers I have taught these to) a restful activity for stressed and anxious minds

Friendship & Food

Here is a great recipe for a foodie meet up with friends for a bring and no-share(!). Obviously due to social distancing, you’ll have to eat them all yourself but at least the sentiment was there!

Friends & Family

Fancy a movie night? Last week we made a quick video about putting together a movie night. Maybe you could make it a competition between different households – who can make the best movie poster?

Learnabout Friends

We are looking forward to our first ‘Learnabout Tea Break’ this week. Having got permission under new guidelines to open up our Learnabout Day Service. To transition smoothly back onto site, our team have set up some Tea Breaks to say hi to everyone, answer any questions and calm any worries.

What can you do this week to connect up with friends in a deeper way?

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