Explore Your Journal

Hello Crafters,

It’s time to explore your Art Journal and find some wonderful pictures and scenes! This is the last in our series on journaling. We hope you have enjoyed it! For a quick recap, we will pop the video below.

The Full Picture

Explore & Find

You are totally welcome to do whatever you like on each page, but Sophie has given some great ideas of what we can do with the backgrounds we created. Explore each page and find inspiration to work with!

Explore your creativity

Your background might make you think of a landscape, and you might decide to draw a house in the landscape and a sky and sun above, or you might like to make up a short poem about the landscape and the seasons, and write that over your page instead – but the key thing is that whatever you do, you are taking time to look at the page in your art journal and seeing what it suggests to you.

Sunsets & Script

In the first two pages, we looked at ourselves, making a self-portrait, and designing our motive. Let’s take page three and use it to write out a poem or quote that is important or meaningful to us.

Another idea is to find the best page to make into a sunset, so that might not be the next page in your book, but a page further along. Sophie used a picture of the painting by Vincent van Gogh as her inspiration to make design her page, what could you use?

Exploring Creatures

Why not look and see if you can find a face, animal, person, or creature in the patterns and painted marks on one of your pages.  Look at this work that Sophie found in hers!

Finding Landscapes

What can you see in yours?

Showing off your journal

We would love to see, what you have produced. Perhaps you would like to make a video of your pages, what did you enjoy or find out about yourself as you made this? You can film the pages of your book turning on your phone and talk about what you did on each one, what you think worked well, and what you think could have been improved?

If that is too much, we’d love to see your photos. You can tag us on Instagram or email us at socialmedia@brogdalecic.co.uk . We hope you really enjoy exploring the wonderful worlds of your Art Journals!

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