Wild Five

Did you know today is World Environment Day? Yes it maybe it’s raining and a little bit colder than the last few days but that won’t stop The Wildlife Trust #30dayswild!

Wild in rain: Why not stand at the window and count all the different colours you can see. How does the rain change the colours? What parts of your garden were in desperate for some rain to come after the dry days

Wild Gratitude: I am thankful for the rain because already my strawberry basket is changing and more have opened up overnight! I am thankful for my very small patch of ground outside my house because even in such a small place I see nature at work.

Wild Dreaming: Normally I am at work Mon-Fri and so I don’t get to enjoy my garden. Working from home every day has helped me to dream about what I could do with my small patch of ground. My neighbours have already started and I think we are going to work together on creating something special with our communal ground.

If you are dreaming of an upgraded garden, why not contact Pruning Time or call us on 07539051233 for a consultation. Pruning Time is now led by Jason, a qualified and experienced gardener with experience in landscaping and garden building. He has cultivated a small team of young people & adults with learning disabilities, who now go out into the community offering their services to help local people and communities.

Wild Kindness: Lockdown appears to have made us much more appreciative of our local environment. Why not sign up here https://action.wildlifetrusts.org/page/57739/petition/1 to be part of #30dayswild. It’s not too late to join in!

We are going to do some this weekend and will pop them on our Facebook page. Why not show us your daily kindness acts of wildness there!

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