Crafting Kindness


Welcome to Mental Health Awareness week!

With everything that is going on in the world right now, we love the fact that Kindness is the theme. Kindness is an antidote to fear and can help grow both our own self and others. We can look at being kind to ourselves as well as being king to other people – Kindness has no bounds!

Kindness to ourselves

The wonderful people at have a Calm Jar recipe, a great activity to pass the time and to remind us to be kind to ourselves!

Kindness Mood Board

Why not make a poster board (or a digital board) of the activities that show kindness to yourself. This can be a fun craft that you can continue to add to as you get to know yourself better as well as a timely reminder of what to do when you most need it!

Make Your Own Gratitude Journal


Nick is a British creative thinker, international speaker, author, strategist, and teacher in Chinese energetics. He is a Kindness Ambassador, creator of The Vitality Test and co-founder of the Five Institute. Nick has had over 50,000 1-1 consultations so has a wide range of experience and insight to share. Nick discusses his incredible insight into Kindness, and shares great tips along with a wonderful Kindness Jar game for families to do together.

Kindness to Others

Check court for up to the minute ideas of how people are showing kindness to others during lockdown.

Kindness In Notes Delivered!

or join in with our Kindness Challenge Game on Instagram Stories (launching tomorrow!)

Bank Holiday Bake Off

Finally! Why not make some of these gorgeous Apple Scones for someone in your household (even if that means being kind to yourself!!) Available in Communicate & Print too. Our ‘Cooking Up Ideas’ group are having a Bake-off on Friday but why not join us! You can send a picture of your finished product to Louise By Tuesday 26th (or share it to our Facebook page)

see you next week!

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