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This week for our Friday Five, we decided to look at some of the apps that have been recommended to young people!

We’ve just done Chill Panda this morning! I’m not sure this is an app adults would necessarily use, being a cartoon panda to follow. Although I could imagine those with additional needs would find it very simple to follow, and younger children as the panda will be appealing. It’s ideal to help calm someone who is high in anxiety or needs to calm down / clear their mind. 

It’s a very visual app and shows you the exercise to do, and then it’s your turn, and there’s a calm background song. There are simple breathing exercises and colouring too. I am actually going to try and use this app with my son when he’s overwhelmed or needs to calm down! – Abi (Iwade & Newington)

Calm Harm: the videos were good, I think children and adults will find them easy to follow, and some good ideas to keep boredom at bay and how to deal with all the emotions of this lockdown.  – Debs (Manic Mondays, Cooking Up Ideas Faversham)

SnapFish: Create a photo collage with photos from your phone you can get these printed and delivered to your house for free with apps such as Free Prints and Snapfish. A great bedroom craft and can make you feel better! – Jade (Allsorts, Rushenden & Newington)

Cove is a wonderful tool to help with mental wellbeing. This app is very well designed, colourful and attractive and easy to use. I especially liked the way you can identify your mood using colour as well as sound. There is a section where you can give your creation a title and write a few thoughts to express your mood and feelings. I have found putting my feelings to music actually helped lift my mood and I felt I had produced something very positive. 

Catch it‘ is a great concept, but lacks user-friendliness to make it really shine.  As a diary concept, it is good. I think it is quite useful to look back at your day and reflect upon your moods and recall the situations and analyse them.  – Dee (Cooking Up Ideas, Ashford)

For Dee’s full reviews click below!

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