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Hello crafters!

This week, it is time to start working on the pages of your art journal. 

This video link is me demonstrating my idea for the first page of your journal – you are always free to do something completely different if you would like, but the key is I want you to take your time and not rush things.
(this was originally set for our Creative Craft students working from home!

In the video, I give you three tips:

  1. If you are not sure what to do on a page, do some practice ideas on some spare paper first, but don’t throw these experiments away!
  2. If you do a page and decide you don’t like it, stick some more paper over it, or make a collage of some pictures you like from magazines or other printed paperwork on top of your mistakes to make them better.
  3. Take your time – this is not about rushing to get every page filled, it is about filling each page so it is beautiful and interesting. You might want to write a list of your ideas of each page and some notes about what you might do before you start – again, don’t throw these away but keep them so you can add them to your portfolio.

Here are some images of my finished first page It looks very complicated, but it’s really very easy, and I have used the painted pattern I did on the page first as a guide as to where to put my doodles – which is the key and what makes it much easier to do – I don’t have to think about what I am drawing, I just follow the shapes which are already there.

For your second page, we are looking at a self-portrait, with a difference…

Of course, your journal is yours and you may have other ideas about how you would like to fill it! Here is Sophie’s…

Are you joining us in art journalling? We’d love to see what you are producing! You can email with your designs!

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