Feel Good Friday

Welcome back to your Friday Five! Here are our five top picks for this week!

1. The Garden Post – Feel Good at Craftworks

A budding news reporter has emerged at our Walled Garden site. One of our horticulture students has planted himself right in the action and launched our first Walled Garden Newsletter! Check it out here

2. Sir Linkalot! Feel Good Spelling

Sir Linkalot is here to help feel good about spelling to get a code to enter sign up here! https://www.sirlinkalot.org/spellathome/

3. Feel Good with Stour Academy Home Learning

Stour Academy Trust have opened up their amazing Home Learning Resouces to everyone!

3. Feel Good at Home with Taskmaster

4. Feel Good about Fitness

This week we interviewed Kerry Lambkin, a Personal Trainer from Canterbury about how to make fitness fun during lockdown!

5. Feel Good Photography

This week tutor Debbie set as partĀ of home learning a “Brogdale Brilliant” challengeĀ asking students to send a photo of themselves out in the fresh air ( walking, running, cycling, or gardening); or of something they see on their walk showing the beauty of nature -(a flower, a tree, a buzzing bee). We are going to make this challenge bigger next week so we’d love you to get involved!

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