Art Journaling with Flower

Hello Crafters!

Remember that we collected some leaves and flowers. It’s time to have a look at them here’s Sophie opening mine up!

If you haven’t had a chance to do yours yet, don’t worry! Here’s a link to my video explaining how to press flowers – watch it through and then you can do some too!

Remember to keep your pressed flowers and leaves somewhere safe, as they are very fragile and might easily get crushed into dust – and if you’ve done one lot, why not go out into the sunshine (ummm ok so not so much sunshine today!), see what new flowers are blooming and press some of those!

Have fun crafters. and send us your pictures of the flowers and leaves you press!

Rainy Days

I think it’s always great to have something stored for a rainy day! How are your beautiful art pages going? Why not use the blues & purples from the weather today to create new pages! Next week we will share the videos with you to show you how to put your book together

This weeks tasks:

Send us some photos or videos of the completed pages. Remember the pages are backgrounds so should not be actual pictures, but swirly, dribbley, swishy, splodgy, splatty, colourful washes of colour – the pictures come later!

A picture of your dried flowers, if you did some already, or a picture of your stack of books pressing your flowers if you are starting some now.

You can send them to and we will show them on our socials!

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