Creative Crafting

Hello crafters,
Our Creative Craft tutor Sophie has designed some wonderful Creative Craft Projects for you to get into whilst at home.

Sophie Suggests:

  • Read the instructions and have a pad and pen or pencil to take notes.
  • Go away and think about it.
  • Read the instructions again.
  • Get together everything you will need.
  • Make a start.
  • Send us your pictures!

Finding Colours

The first part of this project is to take some photographs

Collect together three groups of objects, which are all the same colour – so if you choose green, red and yellow, you will need to find three groups of objects, some red, some green and some yellow.

Arrange the objects on the same coloured background and take six different pictures.

Now to take a few more photographs of your collections of coloured objects, but now mix them up – put one thing from one group into another group.

Collecting Leaves

For the third part, we are going to be collecting some leaves and flowers to press between sheets of paper, which you will squash under some heavyweight.

This is a picture which shows what leaves look like once they have been pressed.

It is the wrong time of year for red and gold leaves, but you should be able to find some lovely fresh green leaves and flowers.

Make sure when you go out you stay at least two hundred meters away from anyone else, only go with one other family member, be careful about what you’re pick up (you could wear gloves) & do remember to wash your hands), as well as talking about safe handling. (Which I do in the video.)

We’ll upload the next part tomorrow!

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