We made a podcast

Over the last month, life at Brogdale CIC has reshaped and remoulded itself into shapes and sizes that were only once thoughts on paper of what we could one day create.

With all our non-essential employees no longer on-site, our creative thoughts went to how we could connect our team, who were now even more fragmented than ever.

Podcast Pals

In the last year or so, over cups of coffees and lunch breaks, Amy (Admissions, Admin & Café HR) and Lou (Swale Youth Leader & Social Media Uploader) found themselves discussing their favourite podcasts to drive to (Lou) & run to (Amy) and even joked that they should make their own one day!

Stuck Indoors

I guess we never thought it would actually happen! Finding ourselves stuck at home & knowing that learning a new skill can be good for our wellbeing we decided to have a go at our own podcast! It is definitely a work in progress, we are not professionals by a long shot. We have enjoyed exploring the wheel of wellbeing and learning together and hopefully, our team have enjoyed it too! Who knows, once we are back at work we may continue it in some form or another.

If you’d like to check it out, our first show is below or click on the link to see all 4 episode. They are only 25 minutes long – let us know which members of staff you might want to hear from next

What about you? Have you tried something new to fill your time yet?


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