Find Your Brave

As part of Children’s Mental Health Week, we asked our students at Muddy Wellies and Food with Friends Cafe to tell us what “bravery” meant to them. As staff, we were hugely impressed with their insightful comments.

One student said to be brave you needed to have “confidence in yourself”, another student shared “…you needed to overcome your own fears and believe in yourself”, and another student described bravery to mean “the opposite of cowardice and to be true to yourself”. Staff were in awe of their maturity and all our students contributed to the discussion with empathy and demonstrated a genuine understanding of the true meaning of “bravery”. Once again we were very proud of our students.

Over at Willowway as part of Functional Skills, we’ve been discussing emotional & mental health, wellbeing, and coping strategies. We also used these great strategies & solutions to build our own individual wellbeing packs.

A couple of weeks ago a strange collection started at Willowway. Bottle tops were being rescued and placed in a jar. Then the Mill joined in, collecting their bottle tops! It turns out one of our students is collecting them for a charity that will buy a much-needed wheelchair! We think this was brave, choosing to take the initiative and start collecting!

What have you done this week that is brave?

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