The Mill

Craftworks Growth

This year our Post-16 Specialist Provider College has rolled out to a new site in the heart of Sittingbourne. This is a new and exciting college site that has grown out of Brogdale CIC’s active partnership with the construction of The Mill Skatepark in Sittingbourne. Below are some of the latest pictures of the Skatepark construction.

Developing New Ground

Located on an area of land in Sittingbourne that was formerly occupied by the old Paper Mill, the skatepark itself has been designed by young people in Sittingbourne and influenced by riders across the South East. Only 5 minutes from the station, The Mill Skatepark will be a hub for wheeled sports welcoming skateboards, BMX, scooters, roller skates of any ability. It is also the site of our Urban Creative Crafts course.

360° Learning through Urban Creative Crafts

This September we opened our second Creative Crafts course at Brogdale CIC. Taking inspiration from the Skatepark surroundings, this course has an emphasis on urban creativity. I popped over to The Mill last week to chat with our new course leader Sophie, about the what’s in store for the new venue.

Designing Your Future

Spending time chatting with Sophie was great. Blending her passion and talent for creativity with the young people aspirations, this is going to be a project which rolls out (excuse the pun) some exiting opportunities and ventures.

At Craftworks we believe everyone can make a contribution to society. No matter what their ability or background, each person is of value. Talking to Sophie, I could see this is something that she actively believes and works towards. Her desire to find out the young person’s aspirations and then throughout the course, introduce them to new mediums of work and then support their journey; will be essential in empowering them in designing their future!

Over the next year, Sophie and Debs (The Mill’s wonderful TA) will work with each young person on the course to provide practical learning experiences which will enhance their skills, provide qualifications, equip them for their next step into adulthood.

There is still time to enter pupils for Craftworks this year. If this is something that interests you, or you would like details for next years admissions; please get in touch with our admissions officer

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